On the silkies, generally prices start at $10 for day olds with no DQ's,  $15 for 3-5 week olds, $20 5-8 week olds, $25 for the 9-12 week olds.  When available, older show caliber unsexed juveniles  are usually in $25-75 range depending on bird.   For a fully conditioned show caliber adult, expect $100-400 each depending on the caliber of the bird.   Pet caliber stay in $10-25 range usually.   ****Only a few young partridge cockerels available****

Bantam Buff Laced Polish - This is the breeder group: 1 smooth cock, 2 frizzled hens.  3 - month old juveniles, all frizzled;  $250 for all and will not split up adults.  Juveniles $25 each or included in group price. 

more chicks hatching weekly.