Located in Sleepy Eye MN... pick up only, no shipping.  Won't hold birds more than a day.... so if you can first come in a week or 2, please check back to see what's available.   I plan on being at the IWBA show in New Ulm on Oct. 11-13 and can bring birds along there.  I will also be at the MSPA show in Hutchinson on Oct. 25-27.  www.piehlspoultry.com

 *** numbers in parentheses indicate band numbers on the birds

Standard Cochins:  sold in pairs or extra males only.  $40 per pair or $15 per Male.  Most are May of 2019 hatch.

Old Cock: NB blue

Cockerels: blue (93), black (94), barred (41,43,44), blue barred (4,92)

Hens: blue (32), black (91)

Pullets: blue (95), barred (90)