Welcome to the Piehl family farm.  There has to be something magical about feather dust and horse dander that engrains itself into our brains.   As far as I know it started with grandpa Joe Piehl and "Piehls Produce", a small-town feed store in Sleepy Eye.  Joe's son Jerry took over the Produce until  the early 90's.  Jerry married Robin (Turbes) in 1984 and the brood began.  The "Kids" are myself, Joe, Sam, and Katie; although  we aren't quite 'kids' anymore. ;o)   The newest and 4th generation is my daughter Kaylie.    Jerry and Robin used to do the feed & supply booths at all the regional shows and swaps.  Us kids were along to almost all the poultry and pigeon related events for as long as we can remember.  I got into showing horse, and my siblings showed pigeons and waterfowl starting in the late 80's.  In 2001, we started renting the farm together outside town, and the poultry side of things really took off.  You'll see us at some of the spring swaps and fall shows usually.  We're a friendly bunch, so come say Hi!