Hatching season has started.  Chicks are sold as straight run and pick up only here in Sleepy Eye MN.   First come, first serve.  I do not keep waiting lists or sit on birds for people unless I know they are on their way.   I am not NPIP so cannot ship or provide paperwork for fairs.  You will need to get birds tested before any events.  I do not sell eggs at all.  This is a long term exhibition flock (20+ years).  

New hatches every week.  Oldest here yet are from 11/28/22.  Sold as straight run, way too young to tell without a DNA test.


Under 3 weeks old : $12 each - currently sold out

3-5 weeks old:  $15 each - 11 buff, 6 white, 6 black (some older with comb faults), 2 partridge 

6-8 weeks old:  $20 each - 3 black,  3 buff, 2 partridge